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“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together...”

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Drukama Articles

“To Evolve One Must Be Involved…”

The Learning Center is a group of online spiritual practitioners who study a particular lineage of ancient teachings called ‘Drukama’. This teaching predates and has no association to any other religion, mystical or occult tradition active today. This online group is merely a means of maintaining contact between practitioners and Teachers around the world.

Much of what is explored in this group is applications in energy and meditation that have been concealed in an underground stream of teaching for hundreds of years. The original teaching went underground at a time when there was a ‘fall of man’, which represented a cycle of spiritual regression that happened in unison around the world’s most flourishing mystical cultures including Khemet, Mesopotamia, Aegean (A GEE IN), the Indus Valley, MesoAmerica, and others.

The Learning Center is typically where invited practitioners start learning the Initiation stage of the Drukama process. Once Initiation is complete, a personal Transmission or Empowerment is given face-to-face between the Teacher and the practitioner, either in a Retreat setting or one-on-one. This involves a certain kind of energy ‘transfer’, which is experienced directly by the practitioner in a very substantial and impactful way.

Khepfer Haru Articles

“What you’re seeking for is where you’re seeking from..”

This blog is in service to you from Khepfer Haru.  Examining the etymology of Khepfer Haru may help divulge the aspect through which I am expressing to you in this blog.  The meaning of Khepfer Haru is as follows:

Khepfer, from Khephra, or Khepri, the Egyptian deity associated with the scarab or dung beetle (kheprer), which rolls balls of dung across the ground and lays its eggs within the dung ball, a cyclical act of creation, life, death and rebirth, and therefore symbolic of the sun’s path across the sky.  ‘Kheper’ means ‘developing’, ‘coming into being’, ‘to exist’, ‘to create’, etc.  Khepri specifically rules in the silence of midnight from the Northern quarter until the morning sun.  This is therefore a symbol of gestation, of becoming, of darkness, of passivity, developing.

Haru, from Heru-Ra-Ha, the Egyptian solar deity of kingship and the sky and active aspect of Horus, son of Osiris and Isis, means ‘arising’, ‘overcoming’, ‘triumphant’, ‘ascending’, and is therefore a symbol of achieving, of fulfillment, of light, of activity, of conquering.

It is in this spirit that I hope all the information presented and enjoyed by you, the reader, is received, that it inspires growth, exploration, and uplifts your spirit wherever you may be, awakening the fountain of truth to be realized within you, illuminating the pure mind with clear light and radiant awareness.


"Better one word from a person who's been there, than a thousand from someone who hasn't..."​


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