We are at a very important time in our planetary and personal ascension process this week.  We are surrounded by the symbol of infinity, the hourglass of time.  We have an hourglass planetary alignment occurring today and this week.  The hourglass is really the infinity symbol, which is a representation of time. Today 5/22/15 is a 8 day in numerology, which is also infinity.  In addition, we have something that fully supports the “flip” of our reality that I have written about.

I have addressed the fact, in earlier papers, that we live in an upside down reality. It’s a mirror image of what we are moving to.  I can clairvoyantly see this and feel it, and today thanks to my friend Oka Fala, I have real proof that I am not an out of balance crazy mystic.  LOL….  I love astrology, it confirms my information and makes me not feel strange!  In his blog, which I will post a link for at the end of my paper…he states….this hourglass alignment occurs at the IX  XI gates, these are the 9 and 11 houses. Pluto at XI and Saturn at IX.  Pluto, as one of the rules of the most powerful sign in the zodiac, Scorpio, represents re-birth.  Saturn, Chronos, is the keeper of time.  The hourglass is the representation of time.  If you look at Oka’s photo he included in his blog you can see where I am heading with this.

time mirror
 XI and IX are mirror images of each other, just like our reality.  Pluto is destroying and re birthing Saturn Time.  This is what the flip is all about.  We have moved up to the zero point of the hourglass/infinity symbol and as we move past that point as a collective we will flip the hourglass of time and begin the new cycle.  We will no longer be in a upside down reality.  Now that the planets are showing what I have seen and felt was occurring, it may not be long.  It’s up to us and Gaia.  I do, however, and this is my opinion that I am about to state and not my experience….feel that it will take some time for us to adjust our new eyes to see the effects of this flip.

We will have major help with this process, as our sacred inner geometry is changing.  I have not talked about this in public for fear of being called insane, but now I have Oka on my side…I am more confident…  LOL  In his blog Oka states….

An hourglass is formed, the symbol of time, the symbol of Saturn (Kronos, Old Father Time, the Reaper and Harvester). Saturn is the time cube (hexagram forms a cube at its north pole) and the keeper and administrator of obedience to Earthbound Laws whilst Souls incarnate and learn in this dimension. Time as we perceive, and value it, is about to change.

We have operated from what is called the Cube of Space, which is a complicated piece of internal hardware that projects our inner reality that we live in onto a screen that we see, which is called the DaVinci Sphere.  I know this is hard, and I won’t go into this deeper.  I can see my Sphere, and I know of others that do as well.  I call it my internal Facebook, and when I receive clairvoyant information it is projected onto my Sphere so I can see it.  This is your inner reality.  This same Sphere is also responsible for projection everything you see which you think is outside of you.  Like the tea or coffee cup you use.   The Sphere is staying the same, what is changing is the Cube, the geometry is being upgraded.

Since Saturn is the time cube, and Pluto is the re-birther, it appears that we will flip our reality and time, which works from our Cube of Space will change as well.  I feel I know what it is changing too, but I will save that sharing for next time.  My brain is fried from all the information pouring into my energy field.

Here is a link to Oka’s blog…..

And here is a link to the Pele Report by Tom Lescher.  If you pause at 16 seconds you can see a great view of the hourglass alignment…

We are moving up in the world….Injoy the ride.
Lisa Rising Berry