The Lucid Sky

Image result for kabbalah brainIt’s clear that for more than a thousand years the master mystics of our past have told us about the 114 individual energy centers within that lie below the physical body within each human being on an etheric or subtle layer.

The yogi’s call them chakras and nadis, the Kabbalists call them pathways and s’firot, the Taoists called them psychic channels and vessels, etc.

These mystics wrote that we could access these energy centers for the sake of enhancing physical and spiritual senses if we could learn how to harness the tools we already possessed within each of us. These tools are referred to as the Salt, Mercury and Sulfur of Alchemy, the Air, Fire and Water of the Sufi’s, the Alef, Shin and Mem of the Kabbalists which relate to certain attributes that when used in right combination and in the correct sequence could cause rejuvenation to the atrophied energy centers and give us back insight and revelation into the higher spiritual worlds.

In the past very few people desired to learn about the deep esoteric study, mainly because it was concealed and also because the consciousness of humanity was not prepared for it. It was enough for most to accept their dogmatic religions as acceptable forms of worship and to answer the most basic questions regarding the meaning and purpose of life. All religions are really just the outer garments of the deeper esoteric concepts by which they conceal within themselves.

Today however, we find an entirely new cast of people, even more so as the children of the new generation are born and grow. The old dogma’s are being stripped back and we can see mainstream religions opening up to new more universal ways of thinking. This is because the underlying mystical process is actually universal among people and religion, it was here before the religions were created and it will always remain even after they are long gone. Although today’s religions themselves might use different analogies and language to describe seemingly different events, underneath it all they speak of the exact same process – the universal spiritual evolution of the human being.

The ‘Keys’ for revitalizing these energy centers lies in the tools used. Once a practitioner understands how to harness these tools, they can work within themselves and any various combination of energy centers in anyway they choose.

The Keys or the Tools, not the understanding of the energy centers themselves, are the real Holy Grail. Without understanding these tools, the practices by themselves have no real power and the centers won’t gain the necessary energy to revive the spiritual senses.

In truth the mystical generation of today is not seeking new practices, rituals, prayers, chants or operations, there are thousands of those available to anyone who has eyes to see them; what they’re really searching for are the Keys to unlocking those practices.

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