― Khepfer Haru

Within every moment, within every breath;
Within every span and within every breadth;
Within every Being, within every speck;
Within every atom and
force held in check;

Within every balance, within every sphere;
Within every planet and star to appear;
Within every demon and noxious, harsh spirit;
Within every angel and song when you hear it;

Within every dew-drop, within every ocean;
Within every temple and Alchemist’s potion;
Within every distance, within every point;
Within every matter, whether whole or disjoint;

Within every heartbeat and span of creation;
Within every death and New Year’s celebration;
Within every intimate and caring endeavor;
Within every sentiment and bereavement together;

Within every thing that lives under the sun;
Within every collar that’s under the gun;
Within all existence and the vastness of nothing;
Within every loss and the act of fulfilling;

Exists an Awareness beyond all description,
Beyond all the words so spoke with conviction;
And yet, it is closer, nearer by far
Than all that unfolds and appears where we are.

It challenges all notions we form in the mind,
Yet no span of thought is apart from its kind.
It neither exists nor not; an enigma,
And most common occurrence in all merit and stigma.

But the Heart of the Matter is beyond all mundane;
Of course it exists in the ordinary and plain!
It lives nowhere else but within the here-now,
Nor can you seek it by where and by how,

For when it arises in the mind of a seeker,
It vanishes from view; no matter is meeker.
But without a desire so burning within,
You’ll never uncover the Light that you’re in.

It is in you, and you are in It,
But these two aren’t the same, nor are they different.
Words cannot contain its greatness sublime,
Nor the vastness of space or totality of time.

You will only find it in the space that you are,
In the time of right now, only near, never far.
It’s vastly beyond all existing domains;
The span of this moment so perfectly contains

The all-pervading and naked expanse
Which installs within us the will to advance
Beyond the small and inferior truth –
The nature of desiring itself is the proof –

Of how we exist in a selfish condition,
Necessary to contain an independent position
To intention beyond the ego’s estate,
A part removed from the Whole to relate

Beyond the domain of one’s selfish attire;
King of all notions to spiritually inspire,
Solely worth knowing before we respire,
To the Wholeness and bliss of the Infinite, aspire!

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