The Divine Kundalini (R)Evolution

The Divine Kundalini (R)Evolution

The Lucid Sky

kundalini_dragonThere are many people today who speak about their Kundalini experiences also known as the Great Shakti Fire in Hindu tradition or the Holy Shechinah in the Jewish tradition.

However, most of these people have either not really felt the actual force of Shakti and have mistaken it for a Samadhi state or else have only experienced Kundalini rising so far in the body and not the actual complete circuit of Kundalini from the base of the spine, through the central channel, all the way to the Crown and back down once again.

Kundalini causes a massive charge to the Ajna (and every chakra) and through this process causes the Ajna to ‘sweat’ the Ambrosia which descends down into the nasal cavities and through the mouth to the tongue, called the “Mana from Heaven” in the Bible.

The entire process of Kundalini fully rising radically transforms the individual, removing physiological ailments, greatly increasing emotional balance and supra-heightening mental focus and awareness.

One who has raised Kundalini correctly and sufficiently reaches a level of ‘knowing’ that supersedes the norm. They understand the structure of creation, the hidden mystical sciences and the path of humanity becomes totally harmonized and balanced within them. It’s because the practitioner has dramatically raised their level of conscious awareness that they now see life from an expanded view that is not openly available to the general populace. They can see life from the vantage point of hundreds or thousands of years, instead of just months or days like the common person.

Without the process of spiritual awakening becoming common place among our human family today, we’re simply going to repeat the same destructive and unconscious behavior we have in the past. It’s not difficult to see that mankind has made enormously bad decisions with regards to ecology, economy, government and education of our children over the past hundred years and more… there is nothing to stop this destructive process expect the heightening of conscious awareness.

Man cannot fix himself from his current level, he must get help within to reach the next level of experience. The Creative Mother Energy stored in every human being must be called on for this help. In this cry, the Mother will come and lift each of us to new levels of awareness which will shatter the old destructive beliefs that we cling to today and produce a new future of prosperity, peace and connection that we’ve never had before.

This inner mystical practice is not just for some elite group of seekers, it’s the responsibility of every human being today to help themselves reach new levels of awareness and conscious evolution – no one is going to do it for us.

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