~ Raz Iyahu

Question: “Raz you seem to put a lot of emphasis on Lucid dreaming, astral projection and dream yoga.  Is this something that is paramount for the practitioner or a side practice?”

Answer: “And the evening and the morning were the first day…” Each night when we go to sleep we enter into a state that is much more closely related with the truth than our waking experience here in this temporal world called “Earth”.

It is one thing to have an enjoyable life and live among others in peace and as much tranquility as possible, but it is completely temporary and delusional none-the-less. Our lives represent a finite sliver in the infiniteness of the true reality for the soul. It is here as a human being that most people have the choice to graduate and evolve into something more. Dreaming is the chance to experience, explore and advance in ways that can profoundly help us in this process of evolution while increasing our clarity and bliss in daily waking life as well.

Each night when we sleep we experience a kind of ‘death’ process, we have the chance to experience for ourselves what will happen, what we will experience, when we die. This means that if you cannot remain somewhat conscious during sleep, then you cannot expect to reamin conscious during death. Please understand, each energy center represents a certain level of atainment, of evolution. As each chakra or energy center is healed and vitalized through our work of self-evolution, we remove any karmic impressions that remain there which hold us down, anchor us, in that illusion of duality.

All energy centers contain within them parts of the others. Think of them as elements and within each pure elements a small portion of all the rest reside. This is the purpose of dissolution and cleansing of the elements of the body to attain Pure Clear Light.

sadfasdThe blocked Root (Earth): contains anger/disdain/hatred and this we call ‘The 18 Planes of Hell’ (9 hot, 9 cold layers of Devils)
The blocked Sacral (Water): contains lust/desire/greed and this is what we call ‘Hungry Ghosts/Demons’ (lower Astral)
The blocked Navel (Fire): contains control/power/ignorance and this is what we call ‘Animal’ planes (mid Astral – Spirits/Djjin, Angels, etc)
The blocked Heart (Air): contains jealousy/possessive/obsessive and this is what we call ‘Human’ planes (upper Astral – Arch Angels, High Spirits, Monarchs, etc.)
The blocked Throat (Ether): contains envy/pride/arrogance and this is what we call the ‘Demi-God’ planes (mental planes – Demi-Gods, Overlords, Asuras, Archons, etc.)
The blocked Crown (Supra Conscious Will): contains pleasure seeking/laziness/indifference and this is what we call the ‘God’ planes (atzilut or emanation planes – Prime Gods)

As we attain certain levels in our daily meditation, and our dream yoga practice, we can learn how to enter sleep by dissolving away the elements, or planes, and progressively achieve a higher state of conscious clarity and experience each night – preparing for the final death process that marches toward every human being. This practice inevitably alleviates the need to return to this world of samsara (illusion) and frees us into an eternal state of unfettered perfection.

So therefore, our dreams can tell us a lot about the level of our attainment. If our dreams are vague and hard to remember, contains certain colors (each representing a certain plane or center), if they contain certain emotional overtones, etc. from this we can see where are centered and blocked. For example, a dream of fighting or arguing in anger, seeing red, blood or wrestling with someone/something (along with other details) we can get a good idea of what planes or level we transcended during in our dream state when the astral body ‘unlocked’ from the physical. This ‘unlocking’ is very similar to what happen during death.

asdfasdWhen we learn to ‘cook’ or cleanse our centers with the baptism of ‘fire’ we can release the blockages that keep us anchored in these planes helping us achieve continuous elevation of progression through into the Clear Pure Light of Truth above them all attaining perfection and pure lucidity.


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