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~ Raz Iyahu

Question: “Raz is there a way to raise Kundalini fast? Are there techniques which could cause it to instantly move? Can you teach them to me?”

My Answer: Yes there are a few techniques that force Kundalini very quickly – but I would never share them.

Raising kundalini is a part of the spiritual path and a process that helps bring massive energy to the entire endocrine and subtle body system – enhancing it and lifting it to a new level of function. If one is not properly prepared for this however, if it happens before they have prepared their mental, emotional and physical states, it can cause an overwhelming sensation which can be really difficult for the practitioner to deal with in everyday ‘normal’ life.

tumblr_mt4zdt4Tk71syq04ko1_500This is why I love the Taoist method’s since they include proper cultivation of the body, heart and mind while working on the energy center enhancements. Everything in its proper time and not forced or rushed as some other schools teach. We still have to live on Earth and deal with billions of others who are still very much asleep when it comes to understanding the nature of reality. If we throw ourselves up ‘high in the sky’ without proper balance we can become really disconnected and lose our grasp on reality, cause confusion and distress trying to find reason behind interacting in this seemingly meaningless world – this is really what all the ‘dangers of Kundalini’ are about.

So we cultivate with loving intention, meditations that lead to stronger awareness and connection and not rushing a process which tries to jump out of the plane while the parachute is halfway on. The path is the fun actually, each time we experience a new level of meditation, new sensations, an awakening of a new force or a new stronger connection to the world – this is the true joy, the wonderful and beautiful part of proper techniques – not simply raising kundalini by overpowering ourselves which is more like a drug induced state of being – and what goes up must come down to some degree.

The method that I have used and still use (primarily, and I have tried several) is about overall healing, health, transformation in mind, heart and body all together in unity. There are some fantastic systems out there but there are a lot of bad ones too and others that are simply ineffective. If you really follow the ancient Tao Alchemical method you will find new awakenings of bliss and joy along the path without any sudden and scary leaps into the depths. This is why I promote it – the Taoist knew thing or two, the problem is climbing through the arcane madness and true applications that are most effective.

Even the famous Mantak Chia has come out and said there were several teachings that have been thoroughly misunderstood with regards to sexual cultivation and he wished he never mentioned them: one of which is the Million Dollar Point

That said I always (and constantly) keep my mind totally open to new ideas and better concepts. However, typically in the end I find that the ancients spent thousands of years getting it down pretty well.

Some Kundalini Yoga style suggest drawing powerful energy and raising directly to the Crown (or sometimes third eye) – this is a strictly yang path and is regarded as forcing the serpent.Serpent

With the orbit and the other cultivation techniques, the Taoist preferred to use both yin and yang cultivation by driving energy not just up and out but around the full energy pathway of the body, causing balance.

This process (although it requires more diligence to sense) keep all levels of body, heart and mind cultivating together in the correct process (the three cauldrons) so that energy is refined correctly instead of just thrust into an imbalanced state.

Death rhythmic breathing into the lower belly actually opens a channel into the spine and after some time causes the energy to rise on its own up the spinal column where it is cleansed at the heart (cooled actually) brought to the Heavenly Chambers (head) and brought back down through the channel of function in the front of the body to store in its first vessel.

This proper distribution of energy called Dragon and Tiger (Water and Fire) keeps the balance of energy in all centers and allows the cleansing / refining of energy uniform as opposed to the straight up and out method of Kundalini Yoga.

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