~ The Lucid Sky

For the practitioner, it’s extremely important to get clear on the spiritual process itself so we don’t wander off the path…

Today we see so many people talking about a mindless state being a spiritual state. Teachings are being disseminated whereby the practitioner it told to see the thoughts as illusory and thereby through this reaches a state of self-realization. This is a misunderstanding, a foundational state only, a prerequisite of continuing the process. The awareness must make a separation, to move outside of the undulating mind in order to find itself, this is called Pratyahara which means a withdrawing of the sense back into pure awareness. It is only the fourth of eight steps toward reaching realization.


8 Limbs of Yoga & Basic Religious Practices:

1) Yama: Good Conduct (trying to be compassionate, truthful, kind, etc).

2) Niyama: Personal observances (self-study, modesty, accepting things as they are, etc)

Intermediate Practices:

3) Asanas: Body postures (taking charge of the physiological body, becoming pliable, allowing energy to flow more fluidly, etc).

4) Pranayama: Breathing exercises, and control of prana (taking charge of the emotional/energy body through various breathing techniques).

5) Pratyahara: Control of the senses (taking charge of the mental body, seeing all thoughts and senses as pure energy only, non-attachment to outcomes, becoming more present in awareness).

Advanced Practices:

6) Dharana: Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness (many techniques to strengthen awareness-Will)

7) Dhyana: Devotion, Meditation on the Divine (many techniques to enter into the non-physical state by union of seeing, seer and seen).

8) Samadhi: Union with the Divine (many levels of reaching the higher spiritual domain)

Although these steps might seem overwhelming they’re really not difficult when they’re understood correctly and used in proper order.

So therefore, just because the eventual deepening of presence seeing through the vapor of thoughts brings a state of intense peace, does not mean it’s the end of the path or that realization is reached – it’s merely a foundation by which the other aspects are much easier to attain.

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