fire and waterI have been writing about the Azoth energy for a year now, and I had an amazing experience with it last night that I’ve decided to share.  This was a lucid dream experience when I can tell I have entered a different state of consciousness.  During this experience, I received information about the current progress of Universal Ascension as well as how this all relates to me and my humble journey.  This occurred for me last night.

Those of you who follow my articles know that Azoth is fire/water energy, and I have many past articles for you to check out on this subject.  I am currently working on another that involves an old prophecy that most have not heard of before.  I should have that one out in a day or two.  My co-host Andrea and I are writing it together.

Last night my family and I were traveling on a path, which was a symbol for our journey as a family, and we were surrounded by explosions and fire balls of destruction.  We witnessed the planet being destroyed by fire.  There was no fear, just amazement!  I made a comment to them that we are blessed to see this as a family unit.  We hugged and kissed each other and told one another what a good job we each did playing the roles of our family incarnated on Earth.  There was the strongest sense that everything that was old is now gone – not just for us, but on a planetary level as well – and we were a part of that.  The love and respect we had for each other was incredible as we watched the Earth transform in such a powerful and volcanic way.

At one point we saw a long line of Navy ships floating in the water, and they exploded with such a burst that it sent debris right behind us.  At first I thought…”Whew, that was close! A few seconds slower and we would have been hit by that!”  However, I came to realize that this was a symbol. It showed me that our prior path has been demolished, and we can no longer return to the way were.  This is also true for everyone who is on the planet at this time.  The old paradigm and our old contracts are gone.  They have been transformed by the fire of the Azoth energy and will be re-born into something new.

kepher 3In spite of this, there are many who are behind the curve and have not moved fully into this new energetic existence.  Their lives will not improve if they continue to try to cross a bridge to the past that has been fully burned.  They will become more unbalanced until they can only move forward and stop going back and forth.

After I woke up, I kept my eyes closed, and my vision was filled with brilliant bright white then yellow/gold light.  It was almost blinding even with my eyes closed.  Then it shifted to a few flashes and it was done.  I am sure many others will experience this as well.

I have never been more sure that we are beginning a new life on this planet.  I have no idea what is in store for me and for my family, but I do know it will be nothing like we have experienced before.  My role here is about to really take a huge turn.  Round and round I go, where I stop nobody knows.

third eyeI would like to add one more note here.  While this was an amazing experience, I have let it go.  I know this sounds weird, but it is best that we do not get attached to anything in this reality, even our visions.  This will lead to stunting our growth and expansion.  So, I took it for what it was worth, learned from it, and I have moved on.  This way I make room for the next.  Clairvoyant visions can blind us as well as enlighten us.  Learn from it and let it go!

Lisa Rising Berry