kepher 1Exploding in the news of late is the Kepler telescope’s spotting of a strange and, so far unexplained, object orbiting a nearby star. What I found interesting is the Math. I always turn to numbers when looking for truth.  When I put on my clairvoyant hat, this discovery ties in with what I have been “seeing”.  But before I go any further, I want to state out loud a few points.  1.  I am not saying this finding is real, and I am not saying it is a hoax.  2.  I am not saying it was built by aliens  3.  I am not saying it is evil, because I do not feel that is the case.  So, please do not write me and tell me this is a hoax….I don’t care.  I am presenting a neutral point of view based on Math and my personal and very real clairvoyant experiences, which people may or may not resonate with.  In fact this article may be a little to “out there” for many readers.  With that being said, let’s put aside all rigid beliefs about what our reality is and how it is created.  Keeping a balanced open door to all possibilities is the key to spiritual growth and advancement.

kepher 2Let’s begin with the Math in the form of numerology and gematria.  The official name of the star system where the object was detected is KIC-8462852.  Now, I feel deep within my heart that when people name things, they do it on a subconscious level, without really knowing how the name is connected to the Universe.  In other words, the name of the location of this object was not a mistake.  When you add the numbers together you get 35, which is reduced to 8.  Which is the number of infinity, and it is the upward infinity symbol that I have been writing about for a year.  This is a great sign as it shows us that it is connected to God/Source because it has the frequency of the number 8 of infinity.  We are also in the year of infinity (2015= 2+0+1+5 = 8) when this was discovered.  The Jewish gematria for KIC = 22.  This is amazing.  22 is the Master Builder number.  To take this a step further, when you add 22 and 8 you get 12.  The number 12 plays an important role in our Universe, but when reduced we have the number 3, which is connected to the Trinity.  I have written in recent articles about how the number 3 has been playing an important role in recent events.  The next thing to consider is who are the Master Builders the number 22 is telling us about?  We are of course!  Not in our physical bodies, but our energetic bodies.  We are so limited right now by our dense physicality, but we are free to create beyond our imaginations when we are in our energetic bodies.

kepher 3Now, let’s look at it from my clairvoyant experiences.  I recently wrote about and discussed on our radio show how I saw God/Source and everything in it move “above a plane” into a brand new location and new energy.  So, it does not surprise me that a new object would be found.  On the same show that I discussed this recent movement of Source/God, I also talked about how I can “see” the Matrix becoming real/organic.  We are moving from being in a reality where everything is an illusion to a creation that is more real.  I don’t understand any of the science details about this, just that the Matrix is dissolving and being transformed at the same time to a real organic construct.  I like to use the analogy that Pinocchio is becoming a real boy.  This is where I think many other “seers” have felt a separation of worlds.  Right now there are some people who are operating on an energetic level that is only equal to the dissolving illusion, and they live in the past.  On the other hand, there are people who are existing on a energetic level that is equal to the small section that is organic/real.  This shift from illusion to real has just started, and it is only about 20% complete.  I also see individuals who are very advanced energetically moving from the illusion to the real and back again.  They are the ones who have done enough inner work to be the Master Builders.  We all have the opportunity to become Master Builders.  All are chosen, but few will respond.

kepher 4Now, how does the concept of our reality moving from an illusion to being “real” tie into this new object that was discovered? When I combine my experiences with the clairvoyant information of Lisa Gawlas, it “appears” that as the Master Builders work on this new organic reality, it is simultaneously creating this new object.  Lisa Gawlas sees individual biospheres being created, and we are creating them.  As we each create our own, it is part of the whole.  I have lucid memory of going back and forth between two locations trying to help people who are stuck in the old energy. I had to stop doing this because they have to free themselves, and it was stunting my own growth.  I have recently done a lot of work in my spiritual practice that has disconnected me from spiritual ignorance and sensationalism that still lives in the dissolving matrix.

Is this new object our new future “home” that those who choose to incarnate in new upgraded human bodies will live in?  I have zero idea at this point,but I don’t feel it is for us in our current bodies.  There is so much work to be done, and the longer people hang on to a dying inorganic reality, the longer it will take.

WhatDoYouBe-LiveIn conclusion, I am not saying that this new object is real, and I am not saying it is a hoax.  I feel that we need to open our minds wider than we ever have before, to allow for new experiences.  We have moved into a new time and space, and we have on a energetic level moved out of our old ways.  This is now filtering down to our physical world.  This new energy is very tricky and of a very high vibration.  You will LIVE what you BELIEVE, plain and simple.  If you Believe you are being attacked by outside forces or that you have implants controlling you, then that will be your real experience now.  This is occurring because we are moving from being a holographic Matrix to something more “real”.

Perfectly healthy and balanced people are becoming sick and unbalanced because of spiritual sensationalism. Do not fall prey to this!!!!!  The choice is 100% ours.  We can live in Hell on Earth or Heaven on Earth.  However, as we move further into becoming more real, this choice will diminish because the choices will not be in alignment with the new real energy.

The people who will continue to blame everything that is going wrong in their lives  on outside forces will have to leave, and their progression here will end.  Of course, they will continue somewhere else that is equal to their level of development.  I, for one, choose to stay and try to keep up with this new energy as best I can. In doing this, I am becoming more conscious of my thoughts on a daily basis.  I was shocked when I discovered some of the little things I was believing became what I was actually living.  I removed those beliefs, and my life changed.  It really was that simple. It was not complicated.  It does take an effort to put the proper guards at your senses and monitor them, but for me it has been well worth the extra daily effort.  I am becoming more adept at motoring my thoughts and reactions to my outside environment.  When I can, I practice having no thought at all because that is the true nature of mind.  Living in the clear light of clarity and balance is our goal.  It is a goal that I feel those who remain will achieve, first as individuals and then as a collective.

Have a fantastic weekend, and remember to leave the light on!
Lisa Rising Berry