I Just Started the Path – Why Are All These Challenges Appearing?


I Just Started the Path – Why Are All These Challenges Appearing?

~ The Lucid Sky

The point of the spiritual process is to eliminate those energies which drive us away from purpose of our creation – absolute conscious awareness and self-realization.

We start the path because inherently within ourselves we realize something’s not right, there’s a yearning for expansion from the confines of the egocentric body boundary, a longing for a re-connection that we understand is missing, as awakening from the sleepy coma that clouds our judgement, awareness and clarity.

The path of fire for example is an advanced practice of ‘burning’ away karma from its root level and empowering Kundalini to come and rectify the neglected energy that resides within us now. However as soon as we begin to understand and implement this kind of path, we find the enhanced awareness actually reveals a more concise picture of how unaware we have been up to this point, it’s alarming. It allows us to see how truly unconscious our perception is and this causes a kind of panic attack which can fill us with awe and dread – this is a normal experience in the process.

Furthermore, as we start to eliminate those attributes which bind us down into the small ego-body we find a kind of ‘kick back’ that seeks to create barriers, obstacles and obstructions to ensure we remain in our unconscious habitually unaware state of being.

The small ego-mind, sometimes referred to as ‘Satan’, ‘the Enemy’ or the illusory state of being, is a temporal condition in which we only occupy during our very short experience here in this 3D reality called Earth.

Most people believe they’re the body, they’re the ‘clothing’ of the personality which is merely a collection of past memories which is the true consciousness simply wrapped up in the lower form of expression losing itself to this form entirely.


The question we need to ask ourselves constantly is:
‘Who am I when I give back the physical body and the illusory memories of my past at my death?’

This is the purpose of your life, to get to know the real you underneath the delusion of the small temporal Earthly experience, all other temporal memories are illusions that will fade away.

You are not the body, you are not the mind you are much more than that and the purpose of the spiritual path is to clear away the debris and discover this eternal you hiding under the clothing of the temporal body and mind.

In the meanwhile, however, as the ‘burning’ away of the anchors of these past impressions occurs through consistent practice, the ‘real you’ begins to emerge and there is a sort of conflict that occurs within. This conflict can emerge in your outer reality as chaos during the beginning of the path if one is not diligent and cognizant of it.wallhaven-377707

You’re karmic debt which normally would take lifetimes to overcome, is now happening in months and sometimes weeks. A thorough understanding of this process must be present prior to starting the path. If we think that the spiritual path is simply just ‘roses and bliss’ than we are kidding ourselves. Yes there will be great highs, but there will almost always also be great lows as well as we adjust to the expanded awareness and karmic expression that we seek to quickly and efficiently release.

For example; Getting over the death of a dear family member is easier when we can do it over a long period of time, with the support of others. But processing the same death and adjusting to it within a 15 minute span can be extremely intense, severe and agonizing – although once it’s over we totally move on rather than living through it day in and day out slowly overtime, this is how the fire path works, to cut through the anchors and move on quickly, the lightening path.

So the idea of burning up anchors is to quickly and efficiently get to the point of creation without dragging it on lifetime after lifetime – to graduate from this experience as quickly as possible. This process will bring intense and extremely chaotic experiences, but they will come and go quickly and when they are exposed and we realize what they are and why they’re appearing, we move on from them forever.
So if you’re expecting joy, bliss and peace in the beginning of the path you are highly misguided. However, if you can understand why these painful experiences come up from time to time during the beginning of the path and simply surrender to them in conscious awareness they are quickly dissolved forever and you can move on to the next degree, the next expansion on the way up the ladder.

They can come in all forms, problems with partners, friends or family, rejections, anger, apathy, frustrations, sorrow, heartache, anguish, etc but if we clearly understand why they’re appearing before us out of nowhere, surrender to them completely and allow them to pass we will then get to experience the joy and bliss of an expanded awareness and the freedom from this bondage forever – a step closer to the realization of our true nature which sets us free from returning to this experience again and again.

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