~ Khepfer Haru

The blood is the life force that communicates through all the channels of our being. When we talk of being ‘filled with Light’ or ‘God’s divine presence’ our spiritual root manifests in the body as these connecting passageways and channels.

The nerves, when we relax, unblock and dormant clusters of nerves activate all throughout the body, in the heart, limbs, organs, and brain, in order to receive the abundance here-now that God has prepared for us. If we look outside of ourselves for our connection to God, where will we find it? “If we say that the kingdom of heaven is in the sky, then the birds will have preceded us. If we say, it is in the sea, then the fish go before us.”

God has never left us, He is an ever-present reality that surrounds and fills us, but when we are ignorant of ourselves and our own functioning, how can we ever hope to discover Him within? If it were faith alone, it would be enough to believe, and be healed. But it is written, “faith without works is dead.” What sort of works?

Christ revealed in His life in teaching the ways we can uncover the Father and the Mother (Holy Spirit) within ourselves, through an inner process. Christ in the Holy Name of God and the structure of creation (YHVH) is the Vav, the Heart and the Spine, and is the way from the lower waters of reality separated in the firmament (earth) to the upper waters, above the Heart (heaven).

Christ’s first miracle was at the wedding, turning the water (lower, base nature) into the wine (the sweetness of the pleroma). The uniting of the lower one with the upper one is referred to constantly throughout all biblical literature; it is even present at the beginning, when God put a firmament between the ‘lower waters’ and the ‘upper waters’, separating them in preparation for their eventual union, like a master alchemist refining two elements to bring together as two lovers to create a third.

It is interesting also to note the allegory of grapes and the grapevine throughout biblical literature. One understanding is that these refer to our own nerves, which are abused and decay when we are disconnected from His abundance. When the grapes (nerves) are ‘pressed’ and become ‘wine’, this represents a union of our flesh to the spirit.

“If flesh arises due to spirit, it is a marvel. But if the spirit comes forth due to the flesh, it is a marvel of marvels.”

One of the problems with the way that we abuse ourselves is that we do not trust in His majesty. This comes about in little things that escape our daily attention: we operate on subtle levels of stress due to too much sympathetic nervous function. However, both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous functions are necessary, and just like Christ’s miracle at the Wedding, a union can be made between our waking, sympathetic functions, and our resting, parasympathetic functions.

Part of Christ’s (and many of the Sages throughout history) teachings allude to how to draw together these systems in a balance. It is very simple, and yet very difficult for many of us, because the true faith involves letting go of the game we play here, stilling our body, heart and our mind in a devoted, open connection to let the abundance of God flow in.

When we are still, quiet, and forgetting even ourselves, we ‘take up the Cross and follow Him’ and discover that God wants us to be happy; far more than this, He wants us to be ecstatic! God is Love, God is Bliss, and He is our Beloved. When we choose Him over the world, forsaking everything and finding Him within, we are healed and made complete by His kisses and His love.

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