A Tzaddik is the S’firot of Yesod


A Tzaddik is the S’firot of Yesod

~ The Lucid Sky

A Tzaddik is the S’firot of Yesod… Yesod is the secret of the sexual fire. After the initiate has learned to use the Infant and Child (weaker) desires in the intention to bestow with the help of a screen, only then can he draw down sufficient Light to fill the S’firot of Yesod and enter the stage of Yechidah – Holy Unity (Complete Righteousness)

There is no bestowing anything at first then just the thought and in small doses as strength is attained. The emotions are next and finally the physical actions (the body).

Image result for Portae Lucis alchemist

Image result for baal hasulam“According to the order of their entering the Partzuf from Nefesh to Yechida, the lights are abbreviated NaRaNHaY, from the smallest to the largest; while the Kelim are abbreviated according to their descending order KaHaB-TuM.

We see the same occurrence in our life: if I want to resist some pleasure while remaining somehow connected to it, I always start from the smallest one, gradually passing to more and more intense delights, until I am quite sure that even the biggest pleasures I can receive are not for my own sake.

When we say that a new Kli is born, it means that there is a screen for the corresponding pleasure, the force of resisting this delight, the intention to receive for the Creator’s sake. Consequently, the Partzuf is being filled with the light that matches the opposing force.

The screen appears as a result of focused studies, concentration and work in a group with the proper intention. When a Kabbalist acquires a screen for the smallest desire, he only works with it. The rest of his desires are simply put aside and restricted. Because of man’s efforts, the screen grows stronger, i.e., an additional force of resisting a bigger desire emerges and man starts working with two desires and receives two lights.

This continues until there is a screen for all five desires, when all the lights can be received for the sake of the Creator. Every time a man can work with new desires, the preceding ones come nearer to perfection, for along with the light that was in it, a new more powerful light enters bringing greater pleasure. If a person, who consistently studies in a group of like-minded people and listens to the Teacher’s explanations, can afterwards concentrate on the same spiritual matters, while being in various states and circumstances of our world, then the next time he comes to study he will feel more than the previous time. He will receive a higher light, for he now works with purer Kelim and does not think about animal pleasures.

This is what the inverse relationship between the Ohrot and the Kelim (the lights and the vessels) means.

Is the Kli Keter, the Aviut de Shoresh, designed for the smallest or the biggest pleasure? – It is meant for the biggest delight – the Ohr Yechida, which enters Keter last, when the Masach gets strong enough to oppose the most intense desire of Malchut. In other words, by working with the lowest desires, creating for them the intention to receive pleasure for the Creator’s sake, the Kabbalist receives the greatest delight – the Ohr Yechida, which enters the purest Kli Keter.”

~ Baal HaSulam

There are five desires to receive pleasure in the Kli. Its “size” or “volume” depends only on the screen. The level of desire it can resist determines the light that will enter the Kli, i.e., the Kli’s level. First, one works with the Kli of Aviut de Shoresh and gradually creates the screen for Aviut Aleph.

When this process is over, you will be able to receive the same screen for Aviut Aleph and work with it. Next, little by little, you create a screen for Aviut Bet, Gimel, and Dalet. The Kli with the initial Aviut Shoresh must have rudiments of the screen for all the five Behinot, to build the screen for all these kinds of Aviut.

The Kli gradually builds itself going from the tiniest desires to the biggest. It happens in this order to avoid the egoistic reception of pleasure.

The desires are measured according to the intensity of the pleasure felt.
Image result for jacobs ladder freemasonThat is how humankind progresses from small desires to bigger ones. Beginning to work with the smallest desire (Keter), man transforms it into an altruistic one with the help of the screen. Then he receives the light Nefesh, feeling great pleasure, because the Creator is partially revealed in it, i.e., according to the size of the Kli’s correction, he becomes equal to the Creator.

This is what separates the Rebbe from the Talmid. These degrees are used in every mystery school and every ancient esoteric tradition. The Master has conquered his egoic mind, heart and body; the student is working toward that.

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