astral travel out of body


~ Raz Iyahu

“I am now aware within the dreams, able to control them more.. ask questions, head left or right at will not mindlessly wandering through them as an observer.. (lucid dream descriptions) … we have deja vu when we keep making the same mistakes? then die and go on to a holding area until our links die off too to be brought back again? idk.. what to think… (more dream descriptions) … I know there are messages in there.. trying to figure them out… What do you think? am I maybe making this happen with my fears, or am I really being prepared for what is to come.. so confusing!

“Through this lucid dreaming there are many signs and experiences that are showing us things but this is the experience of the higher awareness, the higher perception because the consciousness is still not totally connected due to a lack of will (strength). Because there is a disconnection between the lower mind and the upper awareness there always seems to be this confusion between the two when the lower mind tries to understand the perceptions of the awareness, to calculate them and figure them out, to grapple with them but how can the lower process understand the higher?

This is only due to the lack of connection between the two parts, the lower mind in this reality of tactile sensations and the upper awareness which totally understands these messages and relates with them from a higher perception. Because the mind grapples with these visions and experiences due to the lack of connection or adhesion between these two parts of us, this duality creates suffering or a longing to reunite or bond. This happens constantly in everyday life this back and forth and it’s responsible for the pulling and pushing we feel within, the lack of balance and peace.

You’re experiencing these questions, this lack of knowing, because you have yet to form a bridge between these two spaces, this is very common. The work put in front of you is the re-joining of these two polarities together again. Without making this union there will continue to be this separation you experience.

This is the whole purpose of the path, to achieve unity within us.”

“How do I form this bridge (between the Upper Consciousness and Lower Mind, Heart and Body)?

“First we have to see the problem; which is that the mind wants to control, calculate, identity and create. This is our ‘identity’ which is created, who we believe that we are in this world, all of our experiences together which form to create this temporal experience, this is the whole of our perceptions.

The mind is a temporal tool that takes all of our experiences from birth until today and then generates what it believes the whole of who we are is. But this is not eternal, not truth, it is based on temporal, finite things – a linear time based delusion of truth. Truth is all possibilities existing and not existing at once. How can the mind make sense of this?

The problem is we have a higher, infinite eternal consciousness, the true US and then the lower, temporal, illusory construct of who the mind believes we are. Without unity of these two things there is great ‘war’ or struggling. The mind says this and the consciousness says this… this is the cause of all suffering.

Bridging these two is called Enlightenment, illumination, peace, bliss, self realized.
This process happens only when we reduce the mind, so that the thoughts, emotions and actions are reduced to make space so that the higher awareness can build this bridge.

This only happens through proper meditation, proper alignment with the higher space. As this higher energy builds, it corrects or bridges the truth with the lower bodies. At a certain time, the veil which separates these two things is rent and we can bridge this truth into our lower bodies and be freed from this suffering.

Then it translates into our daily lives more and more gradually over time reducing suffering by reducing the ‘ebb and flow’ going back and forth between these two states – this is the entire purpose of our lives, re-bridging this broken bond from duality back into unity.

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